The girls of Fifth Harmony have teased fans with snippets of their new single 'BO$$' for weeks now and last night, the song officially made its debut.

MTV premiered the track late Saturday night. 'BO$$' is the first single off their untitled upcoming album which is expected to be released later this year.

The song is an upbeat rhythmic track about female empowerment, with some name checking of powerful women. "Boss / Michelle Obama / Purse so heavy, gettin’ Oprah dollas," the girls repeat during the chorus. They're pleading for the respect they deserve, singing, "You say that you a baller / And I see you tryin' a holla / But that ain’t how I was brought up / Next! / Working for my money / 'Cuz that’s what my momma taught me / So yo ass betta' show me some respect."

Click on the play button below to check out 'BO$$' by Fifth Harmony. The song will be released to iTunes tomorrow but fans can pre-order it now.