The backstage and onstage antics of the Neon Lights Tour have been well-documented. Headliner Demi Lovato crashed Little Mix's final night of the tour by dressing and dancing as a snowman. Fifth Harmony had a little fun at Lovato's expense at the last date of the winter trek, and the pink-haired singer got a pie in the face!

Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane approached the singer, who was mid-conversation backstage and said, "Demi? I just wanna say I love you," and she expressed her love with a big whipped cream pie to the face. Lovato was stunned and totally a good sport about it, giggling and laughing despite getting a sticky mess in her hair, which was probably a serious headache to wash out.

In this second video below, Lovato promises that revenge will be hers one day soon. "When I see you in L.A., your a-- is mine," the singer said through giggles. Ut oh. Them's fighting words. Look out! Lovato is on the war path and she will get her sweet revenge. Girls will be girls!

The all-female tour has wrapped, but Lovato was generous and shared a lot of the fun with Lovatics by posting photos and videos. She also got her new 'do on the tour -- she shaved the side of her head. Below is a selfie of her new, shaved side look as she cleaned up after her whipped cream dream! So cute. Note the lipstick on the side of her face. It's all good and it's all lurve.