There's something to be said for Fifth Harmony's particular brand of girl-power anthems. They're insistent on showcasing their power and strength as young women, daring to embrace the "feminist" title in a world where so many celebrities shy away from it, lest they  be mistakenly branded as man-haters and alienate a portion of their audience. But Fifth Harmony doesn't worry about that, and it comes through in their music -- especially in their song "Worth It," featuring Kid Ink. It looks like lots of people are responding well to the track, because it made its way to No. 19 on the Billboard Top 20 Hot 100 chart, making the song their first Top 20 hit -- a serious accomplishment for the former X Factor contestants.

The song's popularity has grown so much that they were slated to perform an a capella version of the song (an admittedly odd choice for a song that so heavily incorporates a horn sample, but okay) during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards on May 17, but were forced to cancel last minute. This, naturally, upset fans, but the girls posted an explanation for the cancellation on Tumblr, citing a lack of time to prepare. They wrote, "Because we didn’t get to do a rehearsal in the arena until the day of the show, and with the nature of the production of this song, we didn’t feel happy with how it sounded. You know we strive for perfection so after a conversation with our team, we all decided it was best to wait for a moment to showcase Worth It at its best. It was a united decision that we all made together."

You can check out the full post over on the band's official Tumblr.

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