Just when you thought you've seen every Adele impersonation out there (including the one done by Adele herself — META), head to the bathroom and think again: Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke is giving it a go now, too.

"My impersonation of Adele LOL #AllyDoesAdele hope you liike 🙈" the 5H crooner humbly tweeted this evening, accompanied by a video clip. And in just 30 seconds, with the help of some helpful acoustics and ample handography, Ally nails a pretty solid impersonation of the record-shattering 25 siren's mega-hit, "Hello."

She's really, really sounding good — not since Ciara's "Body Party" near the potty have we seen such a good bathroom session. Now record the whole thing, Ally!

This isn't the first time one-fifth of 5H impressed on their own this year: Camila Cabello hooked up with Shawn Mendes (but not, like, hooked up hooked up) for "I Know What You Did Last Summer," while Normani blew us all away with a solo dance project that no one saw coming. Better together, of course...but also great solo!

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