Flo Rida indulges in Acapulco -- and in the scantily clad women on its beaches -- in his new video for 'Whistle,' fully cementing it as a perfect summer song.

Flo relishes in a bevy of bikini-wearing women who splash about the surf and sand. He's predominantly a spectator, taking cell phone pics and observing over his shades at the various splashtastic goings on, including strutting and speed boats. He lounges on a bed on the beach, stands and raps alone wearing sneakers in the surf (good thing he can afford new ones!) and stares at the tiny threads on the buxom ladies.

Soon his day at the beach fades into night, where Flo keeps the party going with the gals covering up a bit more. There are bright lights, fire, dancing and, of course, Flo's flow.

'Whistle' is the latest single from Flo Rida's upcoming 'Wild Ones' album, due July 3. The Miami-based rapper said of 'Whistle' that it's “probably be the biggest record I’ve done yet.” Though the clip isn't exactly breaking new artistic ground, there's no denying that the song is catchy as can be -- so he may well be on to something.

Watch the Flo Rida 'Whistle' Video