In preparation for her sophomore album All I Need (due out on February 5), "Youth" hitmaker Foxes has released a handful of official singles and promotional singles: "Body Talk," "Feet Don't Fail Me Now," "Better Love," "If You Leave Me Now," and "Amazing."

All I Need on Twitter, in which she sports her new short hair, a neon pink camisole, and a blue plaid flannel slung over her shoulder.

She subsequently commented on the tweet, thanking her fans for their support throughout the past year and expressing her excitement for them "to hear the album in the new year."

As for her most recent single "Amazing," Foxes premiered the official music video for it last Thursday (December 17) via her YouTube page.

The video is an ode to female friendship, as a sleeping Foxes is awakened and taken on an adventure by two of her girlfriends. She cuts her hair, packs her things, and piles into a classic VW microbus just as the chorus emerges.

Shortly thereafter, their van breaks down, causing them to wander around on foot for a bit as they wait for it to be repaired. Cue emotional beach shot and late-night stroll through a cabin-filled campsite. Once their wheels are ready to go, they continue their road trip, making a quick pit stop at a local arcade to play some Skee Ball and racing simulators.

The three girls eventually arrive at a house, where the proceed to have a celebration to keep a lovelorn Foxes' mind off of her boy problems. They dance, they destroy a cake, and they devour an enormous tub of chocolate ice cream.

The video concludes with Foxes and her girlfriends bringing their house party to a local bar filled with patrons who give them some seriously intense side eye as they walk in. In the end, though, they give in to the girls' shenanigans and everyone has an "amazing" night.

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