Carousels: Great as state fair attractions, not so great as your relationship's lasting metaphor.

Foxes, who got listeners up and moving with the release of "Body Talk" in June, is noticeably more maudlin with her latest, "Better Love." In the video above, she and her better half find they're simply going through the motions as their connection wanes, and yet, the Brit pop singer can't seem to let go.

"I cried myself to sleep again / You lie right there, but I've learned nothing / I do my best to ease your pain / And here we are, but we've learned nothing," she croons over frantic piano and an unrelenting drum sequence.

On one hand, Foxes, who threads scenes together with a mirror-facing performance, remembers the good times: building a fort of sheets, sharing a laugh in a bubble bath. Still, these eventually give way to darker tones, and soon, she and her significant other are at each other's throats in the kitchen. When there's no improvement, she grabs hold of his laundry basket and socks, linens and cleanly pressed shirts are suddenly tossed out the window and onto the lawn. Looks like someone's been reviewing her Kelly Clarkson video history.

"Show me a better love," Foxes pleads through it all.

Check out the video, and hold tight for Foxes' next album, All I Need, which will be released early next year.

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