Netflix unleashed Fuller House, the streaming service's 13-episode revival of classic family sitcom Full House, at midnight on February 26. Oh, sorry — that's midnight Pacific time, which some fans didn't realize until they'd already made it to the witching hour in hopes to see what the modern incarnation of the Tanner family is up to these days. Bummer, dude!

But if the barrage of tweets are any indication, many did stay up (or they set a brutally-early alarm, at least), fueled by burning curiosity and the sweet mother's milk comfort of nostalgia. Would the show evoke the same case of warm fuzzies the original did? Would they mention Michelle's absence? And which Tanner family member is the hottest in 2016?

Early reactions suggest the answers are "yes," "definitely yes," and "Stephanie." Both 'Stephanie' and 'Jodie Sweetin' were trending early Friday morning, with both men and women completely enraptured with the actress and the fact that — like every healthy human female ever — she has biologically evolved from young child into fully-grown adult. Life is a never-ending revelation!

While there were some inevitable jokes about her personal struggles between the two shows, including a meth addiction, even more viewers were just happy to see her healthy. And hot.

In one of the best jokes of the revival, the slightly adrift Stephanie has spent time as a the name of D.J. Tanner. (Am I apparently the only one who has met three DJs named "D.J. Tanner" over the last ten years? It's a kitsch-classic joke alongside "DJ Ted Dancin".)

Michelle's absence was handled with aplomb, a clever visual reference, and the perfect touch of shade. The cast broke the fourth wall to stare pointedly into the camera following the line, "Michelle's busy running her fashion empire in New York."

For the most part, people who were raised on TGIF (and syndicated reruns) were just happy to have their Tanners back.

Have you watched Fuller House yet?

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