Demanding careers? Conflicting schedules? Nah — the real reason Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen won't be a part of forthcoming Netflix series Fuller House is because they assaulted John Stamos when they were three in 1989. Another convincing "cute" routine in Hollywood sadly debunked.

Yesterday (February 21), Stamos shared a throwback Instagram video in which he — just shy of his 26th birthday — calmly enjoys a summer day. Out of nowhere, the twins enter the frame, each sporting pink leotards and matching printed pants, and proceed to strike their Full House co-star like he's late on the latest installment of a repayment plan. "#GiveHimaHug" Stamos captioned the clip, likely in a coded cry for help. Poor guy.

In January, Stamos told Andy Cohen on Sirius XM radio that he was initially shocked at the choice of the twins — now 29 — to opt out of Fuller House, which will premiere on Netflix on Friday (February 26). Co-star Lori Loughlin eventually put things into perspective, he noted.

"I was talking to Lori about this, and I was like ‘How could they not do this?’ It made a lot for them, their family, their sister,'” he shared. “And she said, ‘They just won a CFDA Award for women’s clothing…and this is the second year. They’re in a different place."

Check out the video above, and tell us if you're excited to see the Tanners back in action this weekend.

Check out a collection of photos from the Fuller House premiere's red carpet:

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