Sad news for die-hard Full House fans, we're afraid. After months of speculation and hope, it turns out that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who played the adorable youngest Tanner girl, Michelle, on the hit 80s-90s family sitcom, will definitely, without a doubt, undeniably NOT be featured on the series' forthcoming sequel, Fuller House.

The first season of the sequel to the beloved TV classic just wrapped production, and it looks like neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley ever popped by the set, meaning that Netflix's Fuller House is set to be one Tanner short. Boo.

The news was confirmed by Aunt Becky herself—aka Lori Loughlin—who recently told The Huffington Post that the first season "wrapped and they [Mary-Kate and Ashley] didn't come in."

We can't say we're surprised though. Drama surrounded Michelle Tanner's role in the upcoming series months ago when the Olsen twins initially claimed that they hadn't even heard about Fuller House, a claim which John Stamos, who plays hunky Uncle Jesse on the show, adamantly called bulls*** on. In October, Stamos also went on to say that the girls were "in a different phase in their life" on Watch What Happens Live, saying that it'd be unlikely they'd make a cameo.

The sentiment was echoed by Loughlin in her HuffPost interview, where she similarly lamented, "No, I don't think they're going to make a cameo. They didn't this season."

While the news is obviously quite heartbreaking for those who grew up watching the Olsens as Michelle, we have a feeling that Mary-Kate and Ashley aren't all too emotionally impacted by the decision not to take part in Fuller House. They're probably too busy shilling $39,000 crocodile handbags and counting their reported $300 million combined fortune.

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