Old yearbook photos can be incredibly embarrassing for us normal folk, but just imagine if you were famous! Even worldwide pop superstars can't escape from having funny yearbook photos taken, and we've got the evidence to prove it. We pulled pictures of Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Jay-Z and more from the books, and lined them up in one place for you to look at (okay, and laugh at).

It's all in good fun, of course, and just about everyone has a yearbook photo that they hate and hope will never surface. Unfortunately for these artists, their pics at in the spotlight. When it comes to our favorite pop stars, where they are now is what counts, but still, we can't quite get over Kesha's just-don't-care expression or Ryan Seacrest's glasses ... Or Bieber's everything, for that matter. Check out the 10 funniest yearbook photos in pop music!

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    Avril Lavigne

    Before Avril Lavigne was hanging out with skater boys and making our lives 'Complicated,' she was rocking some seriously stylin' glasses. Does that look like the punk-rock queen that thrashes out against the opposite sex and does whatever she wants, whenever she wants? Not quite, and we could hardly recognize her! Avril's yearbook photo makes her look more like the type to follow all of the rules and do all of her homework.

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    Beyonce is the queen of sex appeal ... In 2011, anyway. But when Sasha Fierce was in high school, she embodied that cool-and-collected, albeit somewhat nerdy, flare that likely made her quite popular in school. Clearly, that's quite a fashion-forward hairstyle she has going on, but boy are we glad the shirt-under-jumper look is long gone. More than a decade later, the 'Run the World' superstar hasn't changed too much, and still has that pearly-white smile and natural charm.

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    Amy Winehouse

    This yearbook photo of a baby Amy Winehouse makes us pretty sad. The late 'Valerie' singer's childhood portrait isn't so much funny as it is adorable, and we can't help but gush over her messy pigtails and ear-to-ear grin. It's almost hard to image that she's gone, but we're glad that pictures like this one are floating around to help preserve her memory. We have no jokes here -- little Winehouse was simply the cutest!

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    Ryan Seacrest

    Oh, Ryan Seacrest. Honestly, we think this picture speaks for itself -- big hair, big glasses, big grin -- what's not hilarious about this old yearbook picture? Seacrest goes hand in hand with pop music stars, laying the ground work for many careers, so that's why we included his pic among the artists. Well, that and the fact that it's too unbelievable not to share. Now we know where the 'American Idol' host got his super-straight teeth: Braces!

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    Would you have voted this girl Most Likely to Wake Up in Vegas (covered in glitter, no less)? Probably not. To put it nicely, Kesha is one of those girls who, well, got hot later on in life. She's certainly a pop music hottie now, but from the looks of her 9th grade yearbook photo, she didn't find her sex appeal until well after grade school. We'll say one thing -- the 'Tik Tok' pre-famer definitely fits the '90s mold!

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    Travis Barker of Blink 182

    Travis Barker wasn't always the cool tatted drummer that we know today. Not in the slightest. In his yearbook photo, like Kesha, the Blink 182 star rocks a super '90s grunge look, complete with long, greasy hair and a 'don't give a f---' expression. It's obvious that the adult Barker has all of the same attitude that he had back in school. Honestly, we're just glad that he lost the long locks, because they just don't do anything for him.

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    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift is the pinnacle of teen pop success. She influences young people around the world with her positive and uplifting lyrics, as well as her movement to end school bullying. She has come into her own as an adult, even since the success of her first single, 'Tim McGraw,' which is why we had a hard time believing that the little girl in corn rows is a younger version of Swift. Truthfully, she owns the braids, and maybe she had just returned from a tropical vacation when the yearbook picture was taken, or something? Either way, she's super cute.

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    LOL. Talk about a recognizable mug! It's easy to tell from his yearbook photo that Jay-Z gave the teachers a hard time in school, but we bet he was a favorite anyhow. How could anyone resist that face? Jeezy hasn't changed a single bit since his trapper keeper days, and we can't help but wonder if this young photo is a sneak peek of what baby Shawn Carter will look like. Mix this one with the Beyonce pic above and you've got one good looking super kid.

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    This is one of those yearbook photos that you look at and think, 'Hey that guy looks familiar!' without really being able to pinpoint who it is. Maybe young Marshall Mathers looks like your neighbor, or your cousin Jeff, or the guy who rotates your tires at the gas station, but this picture definitely doesn't look the Slim Shady we know today. We're digging the big ears, though.

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    Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber is known for his great hair -- you know, 'the Biebs' signature swoosh. As for what's sitting on his head in this 8th grade yearbook photo, we're not so sure. It seems this picture was taken during the 'Baby' singer's most awkward years, as he obviously hadn't quite grown into his boyish good looks and is sitting somewhere between adorable and heartthrob. We're thankful that he finally found higher ground, and a deeper voice, because baby Bieber is too much funny for one photo.