After seven years, Garbage will release their highly anticipated fifth album in Spring 2012, consisting of 12 new songs, and 12 B-sides.

According to BD Music News, the rockers will unveil their new LP next year, following a long hiatus after their 2005 album, 'Bleed Like Me' and the release of their greatest hits album in 2007, which included the new track 'Tell Me Where It Hurts.' "Years-worth of pent-up music came out in some bizarre ways -- bleary cell phone memos became real songs, conversations turned into lyrics, and new computer gizmos inspired wicked tangents," the band said.

They added, "Ghosts came in, had their say. Everyone brought ideas, and everyone fought their corner. At the end of the day it all gets shoved through the four-way brain filter that is Garbage and it ends up sounding like nobody else. Red feathers and black tar."

The group, fronted by Shirley Manson, is currently in the studio and hoping to finish the record this month. "OK we're back in the studio today," the four-piece wrote on Twitter. "We have 3 more weeks booked to hopefully finish everything!"

Fans will also hear a new track from the band this month, but it will not be included on their forthcoming album. "You WILL hear a brand new track from us in October this year," the band confirmed on Facebook. "It WILL be a cover version. HOWEVER this track has nothing to do with our new record and WILL NOT be included in our new record. It is NOT a single. It is NOT a first single. It is NOT going to BE our first single. It is simply a song that happens to be a cover version that you will hear in a matter of weeks, if you care to."

Garbage first announced that they would be releasing a new record one year ago. Working titles for songs on the upcoming album reportedly include: 'Time Will Destroy Everything,' 'Blood for Poppies,' 'Automatic Systematic Habit,' 'Control,' 'Lies, Lies, Lies,' 'Sugar,' 'Not Your Kind Of People.' 'T.R.O.U.B.L.E,' 'Felt,' 'Big Brite World,' 'Alone' and 'Animal.'

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