Joshua Ledet is as grounded as he is talented. In a new interview with 92.9 The Lake, the 'American Idol' star reveals how 'Idol' operates, who he'd most like to collaborate with as well as what songs and artists intimidate him the most.

Ledet, soft spoken and a bit shy, said that artists have as much control over their song choices as they want. "You have 100 percent control over your song choice," he said. "Only bad thing is, if you choose a song that you want to sing, the only way you wouldn't get to sing that song is if the writers or the person who sings that song didn't approve it for the show." It's not as easy as it sounds to get tracks approved, either. "One song can have ten writers," Ledet explained. "And in order to get that song, you have to get every single writer. If one writer says no and the rest of them say yes, you can't do it."

In terms of his co-stars, Ledet had a hard time narrowing down which of his 'Idol' rivals he'd most like to duet with, but it came down to Erica Van Pelt. “She has a lot of soul," Ledet said, "and I don’t think it got recognized a lot on the show, but that girl can sing.”

Watch the video and check out the link below to find out what on Earth Ledet's nickname, "Bee-ip," means, as well as which 'Idol' stars inspired him to audition for the show!

Joshua Ledet Talks About His 'American Idol' Song Choices