It was a good night for Joshua Ledet on ‘American Idol.’ He made the smart choice of belting out Queen’s ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and then crooning India Arie’s ‘Ready for Love,’ which both got the judges on their feet.

Jennifer Lopez even admitted: “the Joshua part of the show is my favorite part of the show.” That’s a pretty glowing review for a guy who got his 12th standing ovation of the show.

It’s hard to match the iconic voice and energy of Freddy Mercury, but Ledet embraced the challenge and faced it like the remarkable performer he is. He chose a song that he could make his own with his inspirational gospel sound. And, once again, he had a great time and the audience had a great time right along with him.

In round two, Ledet proved he could slow things down, just as well as fill the stage with energy, and still get the audience on its feet. He shows every week that he’s a performer with the maturity and range to be a true professional.

Steven Tyler summed up the judges' emphatic reaction to his first performance by saying, “It’s just one surprise after another.” J. Lo agreed, admitted that Joshua was her favorite and then complimented him by telling him he had inspired vocals and an inspired performance. Tyler gushed about his classic style and then paid him his second huge compliment of the night by telling him that Freddy Mercury would have loved the way he did that two step during his performance. Randy Jackson finished it with a rave review and told Ledet that he was “so ready.”

After his second performance, the judges were speechless. Both Jackson and Lopez told him they don’t even know what to tell him anymore. Tyler can see that Ledet is on his way to the moon.

Watch Joshua Redet Perform 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' on 'American Idol'

Watch Joshua Redet Perform 'Ready for Love' on 'American Idol'