Before ‘American Idol’ contestant Joshua Ledet 'Imagine' by John Lennon for round two, the contestant’s choice, we took a visit to his home town in Louisiana.

The whole town turned out for Ledet’s arrival throwing a crawfish boil, parade, and watching their ‘Idol’ in concert. (Did we mention he sold out the entire arena?) He also took us to church, and not in the kind of way he takes us to church each week on ‘American Idol’ – literally he took us to church.

As we said before, Ledet sang ‘Imagine,'  and we think maybe when he picked that song he was ‘imagining’ himself as the next American Idol. Ledet delivered a pulled back and controlled performance, which is different than we are used to seeing him.

Jennifer Lopez referred to his style as “preaching while singing,” which is appropriate considering he’s the son of a preacher man. “You dig deep into the meaning of a song and that’s special,” continued Lopez, “It takes a different kind of strength.” Randy Jackson called it “Brilliant” while Steven Tyler remarked it was another “Thank God moment” from the singer.

Win or lose, we don’t think Ledet has to worry – there are three music industry moguls who may just be his No. 1 fans!

Watch Joshua Ledet Perform 'Imagine' on 'American Idol'