One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Gilmore Girls since it first went off the air in 2007 has been the question of what Amy Sherman-Palladino's infamous "final four words" were meant to be.

After a contract dispute, Sherman-Palladino left the show before its final season, resulting in a series finale (and entire season, for that matter) that was much different than the one its creator had originally imagined

Now, nearly a decade after the show wrapped with its series finale episode "Bon Voyage," viewers finally know what the final four words are, and while they make sense in many ways, they're also quite... controversial.

Spoilers below!

While sitting on the iconic Stars Hollow gazebo the morning of Lorelai and Luke's long-overdue wedding ceremony (or, technically, the morning after their actual impromptu midnight nuptials), the mother and daughter duo share a heartwarming moment before Rory suddenly turns towards Lorelai to make a somber confession, an admission which results in the new bride making a horrified, or at the very least gobsmacked, face.

Rory: "Mom..."

Lorelai: "Yeah?"

Rory: "I'm pregnant."

And so, in the final moments of Gilmore Girls, the titular girls' cycle comes full circle.

Whose child is Rory with, you may be wondering? That would be Logan Huntzberger's, Rory's college boyfriend and on-again, off-again transatlantic lover, who she slept with during one magical final tryst just weeks prior.

As for the Gilmore Girls, it seems Rory is destined to repeat her mother's narrative: raising a child likely alone (at least based on the sense of finality emitted during her last encounter with Logan) while the father, much like her own (Christopher), pursues his wealthy family's business; paving her own career path, much like her mother, by writing a book instead of chasing her journalistic dreams. The final installment suggested that Jess, another high school ex-boyfriend, currently pines for her, much like Luke pined after Lorelai.

So, what did you think of the final four words? Do you agree with our analysis? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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