After a year-long wait and anticipation-raising marketing that included pop-up Luke's Diners (which probably had ACTUAL WiFi), Netflix set Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life loose on eager fans of the series on November 25. And now that we've seen "Winter," "Spring," "Summer" and "Fall," what's our feelings on the GG revival?

Let's just say the PopCrush editors felt a lot of things.

For every great plot development and gag (Luke and Lorelai's wedding! Paris Gellar! Getting to see Emily say "bullsh---"! Stars Hollow's "secret bar"! And Michel has a husband!?) there was a thing that we...maybe didn't want so much. More than anything, a Rory who is nothing like we remember — save for a dark time in Season 6 — and is now a 32-year-old who mooches at friend's houses, gets annoyed when asked questions in an interview for a job she thinks she's owed, and cheats on a boyfriend she keeps forgetting to break up with.

Did anybody find the "forgetting Rory's boyfriend Paul" jokes more funny than just plain mean? Please tell us, we seriously want to know.

We've more got questions. Who wrote that mean letter to Emily Gilmore, if it wasn't Lorelai? Is Sookie the LEADER of that vegetable cult Liz and TJ got kicked out of (hear us out)? And why was a Rory and Logan reunion sullied by a thoroughly implausible engagement obstacle, further sullied by Life and Death Brigade's cringeworthy steampunk costumes?


Not like this, not like this. [Saeed Adyani, Netflix][/caption]

And those last four words leave us with the biggest questions of all. Regardless of your "who's baby is Rory pregnant with" theories (in order of probability: Logan, the Wookie, Paul, Jess somehow, Lorelai's surrogate), the final four words also revive the fact that in creator Amy Sherman-Palladino's world, every woman who doesn't visit Paris' clinic is shocked when they get pregnant. Teen Lorelai, Sookie, Lane, Liz, April's mom, Sherry, and now Rory all were surprised to find that sex led to a fertilized egg. What up with that, ASP?

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