30 days out from the Gilmore Girls revival premiere on November 25, Netflix has FINALLY released a full A Year In the Life trailer. And hoo boy, is it packed.

In the clip, we get our first real sense of where Rory and Lorelai are — both literally and emotionally — as they log quality time in Stars Hollow, help Emily through her grief (and their own) after Richard Gilmore's death, and get chided by Luke for their enduring love affair with between-meal doughnuts. Some things never change.

After a preliminary 5-10 viewings of the trailer, there's plenty of moments we need to see more of immediately – here's just 10 of them, in order.

10. Luke's making dinner, so is it safe to assume he lives with Lorelai, finally?

When we last left Stars Hollow at the end of Season 7, Luke and Lorelai were on the road back to Relationshipland, but not re-engaged. Judging from an early scene where he's putting Lorelai's kitchen to rare use, Luke's likely moved his 1000 flannels into Lor's enlarged bedroom (not a euphemism!) at long last.


9. The wall-sized Richard Gilmore portrait is already legendary

Lauren Graham predicted that Netflix's revival is bound to make fans cry, and given that we catch a glimpse of Richard's funeral in the trailer (actor Edward Herrmann died of cancer in 2014), she's probably right. But it's good to see that the sad will be served alongside an equal portion of ridiculous.

8. Rory's either "rootless", or just a normal, over-self-examining freelancer 

"She's Jack Kerouac. She's On-the-Roading it. Pass the peyote," Lorelai tells a concerned Emily, as we see Rory bounce from London to standing in line for some Daybreaker-type rave in the middle of the day while looking like a spooked narc (hardly the stuff of Gonzo journalism, but I'm curious to see where it leads). This explanation also sets up what will certainly be many amazing Emily lines: "And after you pass the peyote, what bathroom will you use to throw up in?" Who knew Emily Gilmore was so well-versed in hallucinogenics?

7. Why is Kirk at Friday Night Dinner?


Kind of thought Hartford was the one Kirk-free safe space; it turns out nowhere is.



In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo, a harried Lorelai makes her way through...is that the Dragonfly? and in the background, two men are on their phones. They look a whole lot like Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, the hosts of the popular Gilmore Guys, a podcast that discusses every GG episode at length and welcomes special guests like Michael Winters (Taylor). Their shared obsession has clearly paid off.

5. Is Lorelai in therapy?

"Luke and I are...happy," Lorelai tells a smiling woman, who may or may not be a therapist, before looking conflicted. Maybe she's in counseling to deal with her father's death? Related: Where did Lorelai go on this meditative walkabout? Is she supposed to be in California, or is California poorly dressed up as Sleeping Giant? Hmmm.


4. Grieving Emily in her Candies T-shirt might be the best Emily of all

"I was married for 50 years, half of me is gone," Emily says in a voice-over, as the trailer's already priming the crying-pump with a shot of Rory and Lorelai crying at the cemetery. But then she's purging her mansion of glittery gala frocks and the dining room chairs — like High Maintenance and every third show on TV these days, GG/Emily references Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing ("If it brings you joy you keep it, if it doesn't, out it goes." We haven't seen Emily this delightfully loose since her Season 4 break after Trixie Gilmore's death, when she Lucille Bluth-ed around the house smoking in her robe. 

3. Jess and Rory, drinking whiskey and quoting On the Waterfront


I do not, under any circumstances, want a Jess Mariano/Rory Gilmore romantic reunion. However, the prospect of Jess and Rory evolving into close platonic friendship is excellent.

"I'm feeling very lost these days," Rory tells Jess over tumblers of whiskey. "I have no job. I have no credit. I have no underwear!" They appear to be in an office of a Stars Hollow publication that I don't remember ever hearing about, as Rory laments, "I coulda been a contender."

"You're still a contender," Jess reassures her. AWWW.

2. Dean is looking very emo and very Sam Winchester in his two-seconds of screentime


1. Needs. More. Paris (and Sookie)


We got so much Kirk and Taylor, yet little Paris — though judging by her suit, she's accomplished at least one of her 800 lofty career goals. And with Melissa McCarthy's film career, it's hard not to fear we'll only see Sookie briefly too, aside from her squirting pastry filling into the air. And there was precious little Lane and Logan, too — here's hoping all four will figure much more prominently in the actual movies.

Watch the full Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life trailer above, and share your theories below.

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