For anyone who was obsessed with Gilmore Girls during its initial run, the forthcoming Netflix reunion movies feel like a way to make things whole again. A way to right Season 7's many wrongs, and hopefully banish April Nardini to the far ends of the Earth. Gilmore Girls obsession is real, and a unique new boxset has emerged to help fuel it even further as we wait for A Year in the Life.

Lit-Cube -- a monthly subscription service that caters to book fans -- created a new box called the Stars Hollow Monthly. Each order contains three to five gifts inspired by the show and its fictional Connecticut town, Stars Hollow. So while your more obvious collection might include copious amounts of Hills Bros. coffee and take-out menus, LitCube promises items like T-shirts, accessories, home decor and more items directly inspired by the show and its characters.

"Our goal for the Stars Hollow Monthly Box is to send our subscribers items they will adore as fellow Gilmore enthusiasts, but also items *anyone* would enjoy — high quality items that won’t gather dust in a drawer somewhere. (as opposed to kitschy fandom stuff)," the site promises.

And from what we've gathered so far, it's true: There's an "oy with the poodles already!" wallet, an "In Omnia Paratus" ribbon bracelet and even a Luke's Diner purse.

There is one caveat, though — If you're hoping to get a copy or two of Rory's favorite books that appeared throughout the series, you're out of luck. Lit-Cube says books may be included "only in a rare box and if it relates directly to the show."

While subscriptions are currently sold out for the month of August, the site says they’ll re-open orders on July 24. You can either sign up for a monthly subscription of $29.95 or order a single box for the same price. Head over to Lit-Cube to get the official details.

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