Despite the fact that the rumored Gilmore Girls revival has yet to be officially confirmed by anyone involved, whispers about the four-episode mini-series seem to have grown in volume over the past few months. And while even Lauren Graham (who played the sharp-witted and sharper-tongued Lorelai Gilmore) tweeted the vague, “DUDES. I can’t confirm this. But I also can’t deny this…,” there’s yet to be any solid proof that things are moving forward — until now.

Well, sort of. Twitter user @CaddyGlass posted some photos from the Warner Bros. lot that appear to be of the old Stars Hollow set -- the fictional town where the majority of Gilmore Girls takes place —with Miss Patty’s dance studio getting a fresh coat of paint. She also claims to have seen some other familiar Gilmore Girls props that are possibly making their way back to Stars Hollow.

It should be noted that the set for Stars Hollow has been used for various Warner Bros. productions like Pretty Little Liars and Hart of Dixie, but not even that dose of reality can stifle our true excitement for the possibility of more Gilmore Girls.

Rumors of a Gilmore Girls revival began back in October 20115, when the cast reunited at the ATX TX Festival to talk about the show’s 15th anniversary. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino did not sign on for the show’s final season (and what a disaster of a finale it was!), and has always been intent to end the series the way she’d initially planned.

Although she denied a revival at the time, she said, "Nobody here hates each other. That's very important...if it ever happened, I promise you we'd do it correctly…It would have to be the right everything — the right format, the right timing, the right way. It would have to be honored in a certain way and I think that if you look around, we would all jump in and do it.”

Final negotiations have yet to lock in all the show's actors, but those tweets indicate that things are (hopefully) well underway.

Then + Now: The Cast of Gilmore Girls