Once a unified front, the girls of Girls will be more lone soldier-types when the HBO comedy returns for its fifth season in February.

In a new promo posted yesterday (January 20), Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna begin preparing for life as late-twentysomethings. According to the trailer, this centers on Shoshanna in Japan, nude photo shoots in cafes and Marnie's signature bitchiness veiled as advice.

"People who work on things stay together; otherwise, you're gonna end up alone. Like Cher," Allison Williams' character tells Lena Dunham's in the clip above.

"Can't I end up alone but not like Cher?" Hannah responds.

The show, which will end after Season 6 in 2017, will focus more on the characters' individual conquests in its penultimate batch of episodes, series creator Dunham said in a supplementary behind-the-scenes video. For Hannah and Marnie, this means handling new challenges in love; for Shoshanna, new challenges at work and for Jessa — well, she's shaping up to be just as lost as she always was.

"They're starting to spread the way that groups of friends do as they enter their later twenties," Dunham says above. "It's no longer four people having brunch every Saturday; it's people scattered to the wind and trying to stay in touch and feeling the pain of being separated."

"This season is expansive and it's really exciting to us," she adds.

Girls Season 5 premieres Sunday, February 21 at 10PM on HBO.

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