As Girls comes to an end, and production prepares to air its final episode later this month, show creator Lena Dunham might be wise to consider a new career: soundtrack curator.

On last night's (April 9) penultimate episode, Dunham once again snuck a blue ribbon-worthy track into the arc's final moments. Season Six's ninth episode, called "Goodbye Tour," featured Dunham's character, Hannah, grappling with the choice of whether to stick it out in the city with little reward, or accept a promising new job upstate as a young professor of internet culture and prose.

The episode eventually brought Hannah to Shoshanna's engagement party where the girls of Girls tried to remedy their slowly severing ties to no avail. And in the party's final moments, after finding some sort of resolution with her pals, Hannah seemed to finally commit to a new life in the suburbs. As she closed her eyes and fantasized about her new adventure, Banks' "Crowded Places" — a quiet, moving lullaby — began to play.

And it DID things to people.

Banks, herself, couldn't stop herself from fangirling over the moment, either, noting on Facebook: "This was very special. Watching Lena Dunham sing along to my song. So happy to be included in this."

The final Girls episode, called "Latching," will air on HBO on April 16.

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