The trailer for hit HBO show 'Girls' has finally been released, and boy does the upcoming season look intense!

The end of season three left audiences wondering if Hannah (played by Lena Dunaham) would ever be able to get it together enough to live in New York City and make things work with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Adam. Meanwhile, Marnie was a total disaster, Jessa was even more of a disaster, and Shoshanna finds out she's a credit short of graduating. Her life is then ruined further when Marnie stops by her apartment. We're trying to stay light on spoilers in case you haven't seen it, but that's the gist of the finale, anyway: everyone is a disaster -- just the way life in your 20s tends to be.

The trailer sees things in a more positive note, as Hannah says to Marnie: "I feel like I made the right decision, which is a totally new sensation for me. I mean, I'm eating grapes as a snack."

And of course, that kind of positive statement can only mean foreshadowing of the opposite, right? Season four is bound to be full of relationship drama, friendship drama, career drama, and everything in between. In other words? We can't wait.

The premiere for season four of 'Girls' is set to air Jan. 11 on HBO!