The Warblers bring the glee club treatment to the Wanted's dance-pop single 'Glad You Came' in a new song from the 'On My Way' episode of 'Glee.'The guys keep the up-tempo pulse of the song while replacing many of the synth effects with group vocal harmonies. It's not an easy task to have so many voices come together flawlessly on the backing parts, but the group pulls it off.

Sebastian and his fellow Warblers sound great on the sweet chorus, "The sun goes down / The stars come out / And all that counts / Is here and now / My universe / Will never be the same / I'm glad you came / I'm glad you came." With a solid performance like this from the Warblers, the New Directions are going to have to bring their A-game to win Regionals.

The Wanted's recording of 'Glad You Came' hit No. 1 in the group's native U.K. and has moved up to a new peak of No. 25 in America. The 'Glee' Cast cover can only add to the song's exposure as it continues to climb up the charts.

Listen to the 'Glee' Cast, 'Glad You Came'