Your weeks of waiting are over! Is Quinn okay? What's up with Sue's baby? PopCrush has all the dirt on this week's episode of 'Glee.'

Thank the heavens Quinn is okay! Though our favorite former Cheerio is in a wheelchair, she's back at school and determined to walk again after the car crash that lost her the use of her legs. Let this be a lesson to you: NEVER text and drive. With Artie as her guide, she sings Elton John's 'I'm Still Standing.' This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

With Sue's baby on the way, Figgins has made Roz Washington the new co-coach of the Cheerios, and Sue is furious. But these days, with Sue showing her soft side, the insult-hurling Roz could be just what the Cheerios need. In order to get back on top, Sue turns to the Glee club, saying that she's going to help them get to Nationals and get the William McKinley High that $10,000 check. But when she tries coaching them, she turns into her old mean-spirited, belligerent self.

Lima has a visitor that everybody's talking about: Blaine's brother, Cooper. That's right, Cooper Anderson. And in case you hadn't heard (don't worry, neither had we), he's kind of a big deal. He's a big shot hollywood actor (in commercials), and everyone is swooning over him, including Sue. Sue did say her baby's daddy was a celebrity. Could it be … ? Nahhh.

Puck finally has a plan for post-graduation: he's going to Hollywood, to clean pools. He brings the idea up to Finn, saying he'd be a great business partner, but Finn seems committed to New York. After he gets a taste of the pool-cleaning life, he might change his tune.

Senior ditch day is coming up for the New Directions, and everybody's going to Six Flags. Everybody, that is, except for the two members who are confined to wheelchairs. Artie convenes Quinn that amusement parks can really bum you out when you're in a chair, and he makes special arrangements for just the two of them.

Cooper Anderson pays a visit to the choir room, and after upstaging Blaine in a kick-a-- duet of 'Rio' by Duran Duran, he promises a private "actor's master class" for the club. But he's a really conceited jerk about the whole thing, and when Blaine confronts him about it, he deflects. Blaine is pissed, and delivers an epic solo performance of Christina Aguilera's 'Fighter.'

Sue gets big news. With Will and Emma by her side (because no one else would go with her), she goes to the doctor and find out that she's having a girl. But the doctor tells her there were some "irregularities." Could Sue have a handi-capable daughter?

Artie shows Quinn what they're doing for senior ditch day, and it's awesome: a bunch of kids in wheelchairs and prosthetic legs tearing up a skate park. While the other New Directions ride the roller coasters at Six Flags and everyone sings 'Up Up Up' by the Givers, we see Quinn and Artie having a great time. But Artie clearly thinks Quinn is in denial when she claims she'll walk again.

Remember Josh, the "teen Jesus"played by Samuel Larsen, runner up on 'The Glee Project' and rocked everyone on Valentine's Day? Well, he's back. After a heartfelt talk, Quinn invites him to join the Glee club. Sue is back co-coaching and, after her news, seems to be a lot humbler.

Blaine is still mad at Cooper, and even though he doesn't want to say goodbye to him, Kurt convinces him to do so, and in the auditorium, they sing a tense duet of 'Somebody That I Used To Know' (Gotye featuring Kimbra). Cooper tells Blaine that he's sorry he's been so hard on him, and they make up. Cooper also says that his latest movie audition got cancelled. Might we see more of this handsome, egomaniacal, potential sperm donor? Only time will tell.

Finn seems to be giving more thought to his future, and in doing so, could be drifting away from Rachel. Puck's pool cleaning idea is appealing to him, and he's still committed to Rachel, but he wants to bring her to California. This is causing a rift in their relationship, and we leave them on shaky ground.

Everything is so up in the air, and with only seven more weeks of 'Glee' this season, anything could happen. Stay tuned!