Conan O'Brien loves having new and breaking talent on his show, 'Conan,' and last night (Feb. 9) was no exception. The redhaired funnyman featured London's Graffiti6 as his musical guests, and they knocked it out of the park.

The song started out slow and low, with frontman Jamie Scott's vocals initially so faint you can barely make them out over the sound of his guitar. After the first verse and chorus, the song kicks up in volume and tempo, with a beat that Coco's audience was undoubtedly bobbing their heads (if not outright dancing) to.

The band was accompanied by a string arrangement comprised of four beautiful girls. Nice!

If 'Free' sounds familiar, that's because it probably is. The band released a video for the song in November 2011, and the track has been featured in VH1's 'Football Wives' as well as in the television dramas 'Suits' and 'A Gifted Man.' An acoustic performance of the song went viral this fall.

The Brits just wrapped up a tour with Augustana and have a lot more on their plates. Graffiti6 was named VH1's 'You Oughta Know' artist for March 2012 and will perform at the Sasquatch Festival in George, Wash. this May. 'Free' is the latest single off Graffiti6's 'Colours,' which hit shelves Jan. 24.

O'Brien himself was a fan of the band, gushing, "That was fantastic! That was great!" The old saying is true: the best things in life are, indeed, 'Free.'

Watch Graffiti6 Perform 'Free' on 'Conan'