Green Day successfully scale back their grandiose sound on 'Oh Love,' the first offering from their '¡Uno!’ ‘¡Dos!’ ‘¡Tre!’ album trilogy that begins with the release of the '¡Uno!’ disc in September.

The mid-tempo song matches frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's description of the '¡Uno!’ disc, which he describes as stripped-down with minimal instrumentation.

The entire first verse is Armstrong singing with only a single guitar backing him up: "Oh love, oh love / Won't you rain on me tonight? / Oh life, oh life / Please don't pass me by / Don't stop, don't stop / Don't stop when the red lights flash / Oh ride, free ride / Won't you take me close to you?"

The song eventually opens into a catchy, sing-along chorus and even features a colorful guitar solo. Ultimately, the song feels like a much shorter and slightly more accessible version of the epic 'American Idiot' track 'Jesus of Suburbia.' That's good news for Green Day fans and for those who miss rock music on Top 40 radio.

'Oh Love' is the first offering from what will be a landslide of new material from Green Day over the next several months. '¡Uno!,’ which Armstrong refers to as a "power-pop" album, drops on Sept. 25, followed by ‘¡Dos!’ in November and ‘¡Tre!’ in January. As if three albums in five months aren't enough, Green Day will also be featured in two documentaries, one highlighting the making of the trilogy and one focusing on their early years.

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