During last night's performance episode of 'American Idol,' the female contestants were styled by one of the biggest fashion icons and rock divas in the world: The one and only Gwen Stefani. Stefani is as celebrated for her fashion choices and her style as she is for her music and her singing, so she was the perfect person to dress the ladies for their big onstage moments.

Stefani met with the remaining three female contestants --Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, Pia Toscano -- and counseled them on what attire is stage appropriate. She made comments on each ensemble. She also provided well-informed advice on what outfits and silhouettes flatter particular body shapes and sizes, as well as what clothing looks "costumey" in ways that are appropriate for an entertainer getting onstage. You could tell that Stefani was loving every minute of styling the ladies and that her passion for fashion rivals her love for making music. As each contestant came out of the dressing room, Stefani offered a lot of "woooooos" and complements.

No wonder Stefani launched the highly successful L.A.M.B. line and is respected as one of the most talented designers around.

Stefani made an important comment about why styling is such a crucial element for pop music stars and entertainers, since comfort is of the utmost importance, and if a performer is not comfortable onstage, it will be obvious and the song will suffer! "What you are wearing is last thing you want to think of," she says. "I was listening to what makes them feel the most confident."

Alaina, Reinhart and Toscano certainly looked confident last night, thanks to the fashion assist from Gwen Stefani.