Gwen Stefani’s music video for ‘Spark the Fire’ is pretty much the most colorful, exciting thing we’ve ever seen. We can’t lie — we totally expected something crazy fun from the No Doubt singer, and we’re happy to report that she totally delivered.

Gwen’s pretty much an expert when it comes to ultra-creativity, and teaming up with Pharrell pretty much guaranteed a video of epic proportions, and we were not disappointed. The video is full of fun, comic-book imagery which perfectly off-sets the sometimes black-and-white scenes throughout it.

Our favorite part? Definitely the pizza scanner. Okay, sorry, we’ll explain. At one point (right before the bridge of the song), there’s an image that shows someone placing a slice of pizza on what looks like a scanner, making it possible to copy, send and enlarge pizza slices. WE. KNOW. It’s pretty much everything we’ve ever dreamt of. Considering the fact that the 3D printer is now a thing that actually exists in real life, we’re pretty sure a pizza scanner can't be too far behind.

Check out the video posted above, and let us know just how much you drooled over that pizza.

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