Gwyneth Paltrow is planning to disappear from the spotlight if she sells her $250 million Goop empire.

The Oscar-winner, 51, has already virtually quit acting since reinventing herself as a wellness guru at the helm of the firm, and admitted she is now weighing up whether to vanish from the public eye if she does a deal to get rid of the company.

She told Bustle: “I might be like, ‘F--k this.’ I might just disappear, and no one will ever see me again.”

And while talking about getting “no” pleasure from the public aspect of her life, she added: “I will literally disappear from public life. No one will ever see me again.”

Gwyneth admitted activities including “creating, collaborating, being struck with new ideas, innovating, thinking ahead, strategy, vision” does give her satisfaction.

Despite her riches she said she is “unfortunately not” motivated by money.

She added: “I could never get attracted to the really rich guy… and I don’t make choices to build value in the wrong way.

“I’ve always done independent films. I don’t know. Money has never been my thing. It’s never been my driver.”

Gwyneth did not elaborate on plans to sell Goop and she admitted she currently has “no idea” who would buy it.

She said: “We’re not ready to sell yet. I need a few more years.”

Gwyneth, who founded Goop in 2008 and is now married to TV producer Brad Falchuk, 52, also acknowledged that when she does sell her company, it will be “really critical” to “share the consumer-facing responsibility” with someone else.

The mom-of-two did confirm it would not be her 19-year-old daughter Apple filling her shoes, adding: “She doesn’t want anything to do with it, though. She’s a very private person, actually.”

Since opening Goop, Gwyneth – who along with Apple also has son Moses, 17, with her 46-year-old Coldplay frontman ex-husband Chris Martin – has only taken roles in a handful of film and TV projects, including 2019’s Avengers: Endgame.

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