Gym Class Heroes have released yet another track from their highly-anticipated upcoming album 'The Papercut Chronicles II.' This time around, Travie McCoy has teamed up with Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land for their symphonic song 'Life Goes On.'

'Life Goes On' has many musical layers, giving the song a big, anthemic feel. The song -- which boasts an intro full of electronic blips and chirps -- mixes quick, doo-wop inspired piano keys with electric guitars and hard-hitting, hip-hop drums. The song has a great build as Oh Land croons the chorus beautifully, and McCoy's lyricism is highlighted with a more stripped-down sound.

Much like the music, the lyrics to 'Life Goes On' rise and fall. The lyrics are all about taking what life throws at you and learning to move on from the hard times. Oh Land's breezy, ethereal vocals give the song that extra something as she sings, "We gotta live it up 'til it's gone / 'Cause we won't be around too long / Life goes on / Life goes on." McCoy's mellowed out verses also live up to the song's optimistic message, as he spits, "My daddy told me misery loves company / If that's the case they must hate they ain't gettin' none from me."

This song is one of those infectious feel-good tunes that you can switch on when you're having a great day or when you're feeling depressed and sad. The song has a great beat, good lyrics, and Oh Land's voice truly takes it to new heights. Bravo, GCH!

'The Papercut Chronicles II' drops Nov. 15.

Listen to Gym Class Heroes, 'Life Goes On' Feat. Oh Land