It's been a while since Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and Katy Perry were an item, huh? We kinda almost forgot they were a couple long ago, but since breaking up and her marriage (and divorce) from Russell Brand, McCoy has opened up about his time with his ex.

VH1 is know for their 'Behind the Music' specials. Usually, there's some sort of revelation that happens, considering it's a program that discusses what the personal lives of our favorite musicians are like behind the scenes. On McCoy's episode, airing Oct. 14, he talked about his decision to kick his drug habit.

After four failed attempts at rehab (yes, four) to try and kick the addiction, it was his breakup with Perry in 2009 that struck a nerve for him to get clean. “I was sick of trying to feed this monster ... If I didn’t do something, I was gonna end up dead," he says in the clip.

McCoy also recalls an all-time low when he woke up one morning and headed straight to the medicine cabinet in his bathroom to look for pills. Staring at himself in the mirror for a half hour, he says he face was sunken in and he had "awful rings" under his eyes. "It wasn't me," he said.

It just goes to show that sometimes heartache be for the best. It forces you to take a good hard look at yourself, and in cases like Travie's, just might end up saving your life.