Gym Class Heroes get in touch with their rock side on 'Martyrial Girl$,' a track from their next record, 'The Papercut Chronicles II.'

The song opens with a military-style drum beat and wailing guitars as frontman Travie McCoy says, "I'm officially goin' in ... And refusing to come out ... Unless I'm bloody." Guitar riffs provide dramatic backing music as McCoy raps about being in a strange place where image is everything and the girls are superficial:

"Everything's so foreign / And all the conversation's boring / I mean, I'm practically snoring / Could somebody please show me the door, man? / Cause I don't think that I can take it / Everybody here is extra hip, like replacements / That's probably why I ain't saying s--- / Oh, what the hell, I might as well get wasted / Cause I'd rather be sedated than conversate about whose sneakers are more outrageous / Or whose outfit's the latest."

He shifts from rapping to singing for the chorus, "This type of scene just ain't my thing / Everybody too cool for school / And yet somehow I never felt so alone / So I'm gonna sit on this stoop / And I'm gonna lace up my boots / And keep on walking till I make my way home."

Time will tell if fans are feeling the rock vibe of 'Martyrial Girl$,' but we like it. It's a lot more musically intense than 'Stereo Hearts,' the more pop-oriented Adam Levine collaboration that served as the first single from 'The Papercut Chronicles II.'  The album drops on Nov. 15.

Listen to Gym Class Heroes, 'Martyrial Girl$'