Hailee Steinfeld has come to understand the touch of her hand. The 18-year-old pop starlet and Academy Award nominee (she scored a nomination at the ripe age of 13 for her inspiring turn in True Grit) has released the official music video for her self-love empowerment anthem, "Love Myself."

While the song itself is arguably about female masturbation (come on, lyrics like "Pictures in my mind on replay / I'm gonna touch the pain away / I know how to scream my own name" are really not up for debate, people!), there is also a broader theme of self-empowerment present in the message of the thumping dance-pop track, one which crosses over seamlessly into the young artist's spirited video. Watch below:

In the New York City-filmed clip, Hailee spreads the self-love message to New York passerby with a giant mirror emblazoned with "#LoveMyself" at the top. As pedestrians pass by the mirror, many stop to appreciate the uplifting message—joyfully posing, dancing, and snapping selfies in the process—while elsewhere, the pop diva-in-training dances on a skyscraper rooftop. (Check out the tongue-in-cheek "Self Service" leotard she's wearing, too—we see what you did there, Hailee!)

After she struts her way down the street, the celebratory video finally culminates with Hailee joining everyone in a mildly-choreographed flash mob on the streets of New York as everyone lets their hair down and lets their freak flags fly for an epic dance party—no insecurities allowed. It's a message that we're sure Hailee's "Bad Blood" co-star Taylor Swift could get behind for sure!

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