Ah, to be a young stan.

Following news that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are engaged, Baldwin's old tweets about her newly confirmed fiancé have resurfaced online, and well, they are certainly something.

A true Belieber for pretty much as long as she's had Twitter, Baldwin has tweeted about Bieber's accomplishments, love life, and random musings numerous times over the years. She's professed her love for "Mistletoe," backed up his love for cereal and naps, and repeatedly affirmed her status as a diehard fan. She even once shipped his relationship with on-again, off-again ex Selena Gomez (who no, doesn't want to talk about the fact that only a few months after they got back together, Bieber is now set to marry another woman).

A brief recap: Bieber and Baldwin met for the first time in 2009 (as captured on video!!), during an early morning Today show appearance. Bieber shook her hand, and Baldwin looked sheepishly away, one of the only two reactions you can have when first being introduced to your celebrity crush (the other is to scream, loudly and unapologetically).

Eventually, they got to know each other and became friends, dating briefly between 2015 and 2016 before parting ways. Cut to 2018, and they are happily betrothed after rekindling their romance in June.

Fortunately, Baldwin hasn't cleaned up her Twitter timeline in any of that time. See some of her tweets below.

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