Don't squawk at, ball at or roll your eyes over the notion and concept of fan fiction, people! It could end up paying big bucks. Anna Todd, author of 'After,' a serialized piece of fan fiction about One Direction's Harry Styles, could see her work on the big screen.

According to a report, UTA will represent the screen rights for 'After,' which is the most viewed literary property on Wattpad, an online community that allows writers to tell their tales chapter by chapter. It's described as a very social, mobile experience that allows the writer to personally connect with the reader. In seven years on the web, it has attracted 22 million users monthly. Impressive, we know!

Even more impressive? The fact that Todd's story has been clicked on 600 million times! Say what?!

Since the story has such a rabid following, studios are expected to want to acquire the screen rights and turn it into a film, banking that the online following will file into the multiplex to see the beloved story translated on the screen. It's an instant audience. It also follows a similar trajectory to '50 Shades of Grey,' which was a hot literary property in much the same way and has TONS of buzz in the movie world.

While Wattpad writers aren't paid, they do have ownership of the copyrights of their chapters.

In case you are not instantly familiar, 'After' tells the story of Hessa -- Harry and Tessa Young, a student at Washington State University.

Want to read 'After?' Well, go here to do so.

Move over, Christian Grey. Harry Styles is here.