If you've ever needed a reason to be infinitely jealous of Meghan Trainor, we've got a real good one for you. If you're a fan of hers or of One Direction's -- and let's be real, who isn't at this point in time? -- then you're probably aware of the fact that she's had a songwriting session or two (we don't actually know how many) with Harry Styles. While we may never hear the track -- a duet -- with Harry's vocals on it, we did have a chance to get Harry's thoughts on Meghan. Not exactly an even trade-off, but we'll take what we can get.

In an interview with Shazam Top 20, Harry spoke briefly about the song they wrote together and then went on to gush about Meghan. He said, "I think Meghan's amazing. I think she's proven that. She's been on the scene for, what, five months or something? And she was already nominated for a Grammy. I think that says a lot about her and how talented she is." Talk about a glowing review!

He went on to say, "I don't think people have really had the chance to see just how talented she is. She really is an amazing writer and I think she's gonna be amazing for a long time. She's wicked." If only we were amazing songwriters who Harry wanted to work with and would later sing our praises about incessantly. Maybe someday.

Listen to the audio above to hear Harry stan for Meghan.

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