Nowadays, a cartoon rendering of Kim Kardashian dressed as a skeleton can amass more than 600,000 likes on Instagram, but in the early aughts, she was just an aspiring stylist chasing after her big break. And two fellow former reality TV stars are now saying she once tried to claw her way into their limelight en route.

In an interview with the United Kingdom's Complex published yesterday (October 14), Spencer and Heidi Pratt chronicled their path from The Hills stardom to the aimless, penniless confusion that followed its eventual cancellation. While reflecting back on the good times, though, they remembered a point at which Kim pressed them to appear on the massive MTV hit.

"She used to call Heidi to organize Heidi’s closet," Spencer said. "Kim was edited out of Hills episodes organizing Heidi’s closet. Now it’s like, ‘Kim Kardashian breaks the internet with her booty.’ Like, what the f---?”

Spencer also claims that momager prototype Kris Jenner once formally requested that he manage Kim, something Kim's team adamantly refutes.

"She can deny it if she wants, but she comes up to me and is like, ‘Spencer, I want you to manage Kim,’" Pratt alleges. "I literally started laughing. What is this lady talking about?”

To put it bluntly:


Do you believe these two former Hills stars, or is this just a classic case of Speidi delusion?

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