We all know that our favorite positions to sleep vary. There are only four basically to choose from and chances are we assume three to four each night whether it's on our backs, stomachs, left side, or right side.

And isn't it the worst when you have trouble sleeping? I was having horrible heartburn one night which never happened so I immediately googled to find out what to do and what it meant. It was through that search that I learned the importance of sleeping on your left side.

According to the CNET website, sleeping on your left side has positive effects on your health and well-being because it enhances your blood circulation which is best for all of your organs and general health. However, specifically speaking it's also best for your brain and stomach health.

Brain and Gut Health

According to the website ThoughtNova, we have a network of vessels in our brain that plays a vital role in removing waste and toxins from the brain and is most active while we sleep, especially on our left side. The brain's ability to efficiently clear metabolic waste through the glymphatic system is what helps our central nervous system. That happens most efficiently during left-side sleeping.

Also, if you have heartburn immediately move to your left side. According to the Healthline website, when we lie on our left side, our stomach and its gastric juices are now lower than the esophagus versus the right side. This will stop your heartburn.

PS: Don't forget to put a pillow or pile of blankets between your knees to keep your spine as straight as possible when side-sleeping as well.

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