Hilary Duff has been charming fans and the media alike during her promo runs for 'Chasing the Sun' and 'All About You,' so it's only natural that someone ask her how she escaped having the cliched rebellious stage so many child stars experience.

The question came up during Hilary's visit to the Elvis Duran Show, when one of the DJs used Miley Cyrus as an example of a Disney star who's "going through this huge transformation."

"I think that Miley, she's being authentic to who she is and wants to be and I think that's rad," Hilary said. "Like, unapologetically, she is going for it and being really bold and not really caring what anybody thinks."

As for being a role model, Hilary admits she did have her moments -- just out of the public eye.

"I do identify with the frustrations of feeling like I have to be a good role model -- or did, maybe -- not so much anymore," she added. "And that was hard because you do want to explore yourself and there's this reputation to hold up or whatever. But I took a big break, just because I needed to, and I got to do a lot of living and soul-searching and I got to mess up, but I just did it a little more privately than all the others."

Watch Hilary discuss Miley, being a role model and a mom, and more in the video above!

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