Pop Clash is all about Hilary Duff lately! The singer's 'All About You' beat out the Vamps' 'Hurricane,' making it her second win a row. This week, Hilary's single is up against Jennifer Lopez's 'Booty.' Which song should win the Pop Clash?

Hilary's 'All About You' is sultry, but has a folk-rock vibe that totally suits her voice. In addition to the infectious chorus, we can't help but love when Hilary teases, "Get a little taste of what I'm into." If this is what we can expect from her upcoming album, we know it'll be great!

Jennifer is straight-up steamy in her new track, 'Booty.' The song is all about celebrating having some junk in your trunk, so naturally it's a total dance-heavy hit. There's a confidence laced throughout the track that is totally J.Lo, so don't be surprised if you find yourself singing along by the end of the first listen!

Who should win this week's Pop Clash? You can vote for Hilary Duff or Jennifer Lopez once an hour until the polls close at 3PM ET on Sept. 29.

Listen to Hilary Duff's 'All About You'

Watch Jennifer Lopez's 'Booty'