Remember Drake's "Hotline Bling"? Of course you do! The video only dropped a few months ago, and it's since spawned endless GIFs, memes, parodies, a mixtape from Erykah Badu (which we're all blessed to have), covers from the likes of Justin Bieber and more. It's pervaded the cultural conversation to the point where you've probably been asked about it by your Aunt Gladys in Duluth, and she can't even figure out how to post on a Facebook wall. And today (December 15), The Scene has pumped fresh blood into this undying phenomenon with a star-studded tribute to the hit.
In the clip, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Dano, Amy Schumer, Bryan Cranston, Kristen Wiig and more (uniformly white) stars of 2015's most acclaimed films each perform a dramatic reading of Drizzy's viral lyrics, injecting their delivery with an array of emotions.
The concept works because they're all talented and charming people; Banks and Cranston could be funny while reading an Ikea catalog aloud. Seth Rogen goes deadpan, as does Schumer. Room's Brie Larson does her best to seem like an actual Drake fan. Rooney Mara's reading veers into Lydia-from-Beetlejuice territory, as does her hair, in a good way. It's pretty entertaining, even if we didn't quite need another "unlikely rap fans read the lyrics in a buttoned-up way!" video.
Watch the clip above, and let us know whether you think "Hotline Bling" has reached peak saturation point, or if you demand still more Drake-meme content.
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