Most of the world's celebs can't even grab a burger without it making headlines. So how did the biggest star on the planet, Beyonce, keep her new self-titled album under wraps?

Sources revealed to Billboard that a big part of the secret project was simply using code words and names. Another tactic adding to the element of surprise? Shifting deadlines -- the release date wasn't finalized until last week!

Anonymous insiders close to the project revealed that the album began to take its current shape in late October when Queen Bey began narrowing down tracks for the record, scrapping her previously debuted tracks 'Grown Woman,' 'Standing on the Sun' and 'Bow Down / I Been On,' though she kept 'Grown Woman' as a video on the visual album. Bey was still working on and mastering vocals in the studio around Thanksgiving.

Meetings were held with Bey's label, Columbia Records, and iTunes late last week to determine the release date and method of the record, code named 'Lily' to avoid any potential leaks.

A surprise that's yet to come? A potential screening of all 14 music videos. Long live the Queen!