Howie D. managed to combine English, Spanish, and Japanese all in one song.

No, the former Backstreet Boy isn't covering 'It's A Small World.' Howie D. was searching for a Japanese artist with international recognition to accompany him on his lead single, 'If I Say'. He found it in Japan's Shirota Yu (commonly known as 'U'). The song features Dorough and Yu singing in both English and Spanish. Yu is ever humble, but makes it clear that he's proud of their work. 'If I Say' is a pure love song, and it is a warm song," Yu tells The Tokyo Hive. "We will have to let you judge the finished work, but we are both coming to feel that it’s been wonderfully done."

Garnering more buzz for the track? 'If I Say' will be the end credit song for the Japanese dubbed version of '1911', Jackie Chan’s 100th film. '1911' will open the 24th annual Tokyo International Film Festival.

'If I Say' is a bonus track in the Japanese edition of Howie’s solo debut album, 'Back to Me', due Nov. 9. The rest of us can snag it as a digital single now. We're still waiting for comment from Chris Tucker, but we assume he'll only understand half of the words coming out of Howie's mouth.

Watch a BTS 'If I Say' Video Featuring Howie D. and U