What an unlikely pair Jacob Lusk and James Durbin make! The producers at 'American Idol' teamed the two larger-than-life singers on tonight's episode, which featured the beloved tunes of prolific songwriter Carole King.

However, Lusk and Durbin stumbled mightily through King's 'I'm Into Something Good,' which was popularized by Herman's Hermits. It was a silly and disjointed duet where their voices did not mesh; in fact, they were often at odds. One big voice did not complement the other, unfortunately.

While it was a treat to see these two talented young men let loose and have a good time together, the performance was a mess. Even judge Steven Tyler couldn't deny it, saying, "I'm not sure that was the most award-winning performance." We couldn't agree more, Steve. Oops, we meant Steven.

Clearly, Lusk and Durbin are not like a Reese's peanut butter cup. They are two great tastes that don't taste great together, that's for sure. They work better apart than they do a pair.

They get a big, fat "E" for effort, though!

Watch Jacob Lusk and James Durbin Perform 'I'm Into Something Good' on 'American Idol'