When 'The Voice' star Jacquie Lee stopped by PopCrush's office in New York City recently, she was kind enough to show us what she carries around in her purse.

First things first: How AWESOME is that bag? It's totally sweet with a sly sense of humor, just like Jacquie herself!

"It’s a pretty self-explanatory bag," the singer told PopCrush, joking, "People see it and they’re like, 'Oh, I know.'"

Read on to get a peek inside Jacquie's purse!

What's Inside Jacquie Lee's Purse?

1. iPhone charger. "You’re going to ask me, 'What is this?' so I’ll tell you before you ask. It’s a charger and it gives me two extra days' worth of battery … It’s [heavy], but it’s worth it!"

2. Red peppers. "These are awesome and you never know when you’ll get hungry."

3. iPhone. "My life."

4. Diaper pin. "This is a ducky diaper pin. James Wolpert from the show gave it to me for good luck. He used to pass them around to the original crew – which was like me, Caroline [Pennell], Cole [Vosbury] and Matt [Schuler]."

5. Clip. "You never know when it can rain and you may need that."

6. Sunglasses. "We have sunglasses. Who doesn’t need a nice pair of sunglasses?"

7. Gum. "We’ve got Trident. Never know when your breath will decide to stink. You know those square gums? They’re just not enjoyable. That’s soft and that’s chewy."

8. Hairspray, lotion, makeup. "Okay, so we have hairspray, lotion. A little mirror for casual makeup applying. This is a really good eyebrow pencil. I’ve had an obsession with Cara Delevingne and she uses this brand."

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