If Iggy Azalea's single 'Work' is any indication, the singer is a girl on the go. Her perseverance has paid off in a big way, and she just dropped her debut album, 'Change Your Life'!

The Australian-born singer is always on the road, so she needs her necessities close by. Iggy gave us a glimpse inside her purse, where she revealed what she takes home for her family and the one "diva" item she keeps, just in case!

Take a peek inside her purse, below, and check out her new EP, 'Change Your Life.'

Meredith Truax

What's Inside Iggy Azalea's Purse?

1. Stuffed Dog. I can't have a real pet, so I take him everywhere with me. And when I get mad, sometimes I feel like his face is a good example of how I feel. Like when I get mad I take the dog out and hold him up, wave him around and make the face. Everyone always says, "No, not the face!"

2. Wig Cap. That's really diva, right? You never know when you're going to need to wear a wig!

3. Meds. You never know when you're going to be sick! I stash them in here because I'm always away traveling.

4. Adaptors and passport. I'm constantly traveling.

5. Fan letters. Fans are always writing really nice things, you know -- self-promotion and motivation!

6. Magazines (all with Iggy on the cover). I got these all yesterday to bring to my family, because they don't get all the US magazines.

7. Sunglasses. I have these in every color, but these are my go to!

8. Money