Tiffany Houghton is going places. That exact sentiment is reflected in her adorable purse, a license plate-inspired bag that reads "OFFWEGO."

The singer has been busy promoting her new single, 'High,' which has scored more than 1 million views on YouTube, but she took a moment to give us an exclusive look at the contents of her purse. From cosmetics to a makeshift guitar pick, Tiffany has everything a girl on the go needs!

Take a peek inside her purse, below, and keep up with her music at @tiffanyhoughton.

tiffany purse
Tiffany Houghton

What’s Inside Tiffany's Purse?

1. Phone charger. My phone is always dying AND I always know which cord is mine because it's hot pink!
2. Sharpies. A fan gave these to me for autographs! So sweet.
3. On the fly guitar pick. I was totally in a pinch and didn't have one, so I cut up a fro-yo punch card and vuahlah! (Don't worry, that punch card was expired.)
4. Fun. concert ticket. Self-explanatory. I saw them the other night here in L.A. AMAZING SHOW as always.
5. Yes to Carrots lipgloss. I love this stuff! Amazing color, amazing price. Perfect for any occasion.
6. Bracelet. I went on a humanitarian mission trip to India this summer and one of the children I worked with made this for me. It's such a special reminder of all that I learned there!
7. Shades. California has some BRIGHT sunshine!
8. Emergen-C. It's saved me so many times! The minute I'm feeling a little cold coming on, zap! I'm good.
9. OPI nail polish. Just bought this! Can't wait to try it out. Perfect color for the fall.
10. White strips. Gotta keep up that "hundred watt grin!" ;)