Trust us when we promise that Tiffany Houghton is the sweetest person ever. You can imagine our surprise when she revealed she watched a forbidden TV show as a kid. (And felt guilty immediately afterward, of course!)

When Tiffany stopped by the PopCrush office in New York City, she opened up about about that rebellious moment and more childhood memories, sharing her favorite Disney movie and top Disney song with us. She even admitted her first celeb crush -- and it's so cute!

These days, Tiffany's heading out on the road with MKTO's American Dream Tour, but she wasn't afraid to kick it old school with us. The singer spilled on the first album she ever purchased and, yep, her teenage make-out soundtrack. (Her answer definitely surprised us, but it's totally awesome.)

Check out Tiffany's game of Pop Dive in the video above!

Watch Tiffany Houghton Perform '17 Again' at PopCrush

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