Tiffany Houghton's black-and-white video for 'Phone Call' is intimate and deceptively simple, but it conveys a lot of information about the artist and the song, which is complicated and rich with meaning.

Houghton writes in her journal, sips tea and bursts into tears while lost in thought. It's emotionally arresting and it's gripping. You want to know who is causing her to cry and give her a hug.

It feels like we're voyeurs in her life. But we didn't mind spying on her as she emoted and created art.

And the camera loves her. You can't take your eyes off the singer.

"This song started out as a journal entry after my boyfriend at the time left a date with me to talk on the phone with his ex-girlfriend," Houghton told PopCrush. "She was 1,600 miles away, but still closer to him than me. It was really disappointing."

She continued, "Working on this song with Jimmie [Deeghan] was such an awesome experience. He listened to me and listened to what I wanted for the song. We wrote it on his front porch in Nashville."

Houhgton shares a lot of qualities with Taylor Swift, but she's like a blonder, indie version of the singer..and with an edge.

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